Rose Palhares

Who is Rose Palhares? Tell us a little about yourself …

Rose Palhares is a dreamer. Extroverted, always well with life, focused on her dreams.

Rose Palhares is today a successful woman who brings the Angolan culture and its talent across borders. Can we say that fashion was born with you?

No doubt. I was born a stylist, in this and other lives. (laughs)

She graduated in Brazil and later started her career as a stylist, already in Angola. Is the experience between these two cultures represented in their creations?

I’ve always been in Brazil with an eye on Angola. In Brazil, I learned to use the tools that would help me fulfill my dream. Without a doubt, the Brazilian heat is also responsible for the stylist I became.

When do you create a collection, what do you inspire?

I need to listen to music. That’s enough and everything else comes up …

He is responsible for wearing countless Angolan and Brazilian public figures. Who, for you, would it be a challenge to wear your brand?

Beyoncé, Michelle Obama and Ana Paula dos Santos.

It was recently featured in Vogue Italy magazine and is currently among the most recognized emerging names in the Angolan fashion industry. What did all this mean to you?

It has a great meaning. I always knew I was going to get here, but I never thought I’d be 30. I have not stopped, I have improved and now it is to work more, to thank and to seize the opportunities. It is a dream come true.

It has a great connection between Portugal, Angola and Brazil. On this “axis”, where can we find your parts?

Angola and from this year around the world.

Rose is a successful stylist. Looking back, do you find yourself today as you imagined one day?

There is still a lot of climbing, lots of stairs to climb. Give leg, burn calories and get beautiful and wonderful. (laughs)

Can we say that fashion is your life?

Fashion, in my eyes, is art and, yes, Art is, without a doubt, my life.

Is there any future project that can reveal us?

Surprise … 2016 is to be well tempered.

Being fashionable for you is …

I do not follow trends, I do not follow Fashion. I try to follow my heart and what I feel like doing and dressing.

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